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Dale C. Rogers - Founder & Chairman

Dale C. Rogers

Founder & Chairman

What sparked your interest in starting a company specializing in retirement plan administration?

As my insurance practice grew, I found myself increasingly involved in helping companies navigate the complexities of ERISA and fixing their non-compliant plans. I recognized a real need for expertise in this area, and that’s what led me to establish Rogers & Associates.

How did you conceive a company that would offer comprehensive services under one roof?

Over time, I started to see the advantages of a comprehensive, integrated service offering. Businesses were dealing with multiple entities for their retirement plan needs – something that was neither efficient nor effective. The vision for a ‘one-stop-shop’ grew out of a desire to simplify this process for clients, providing them with seamless service and peace of mind.

Why did you decide to venture into wealth management?

Wealth management was a natural extension of the services we were already providing. I noticed that many of our clients needed more than just retirement plan administration – they also needed help managing and growing their wealth.

What’s the secret behind Rogers Wealth Group’s longevity, having been in business for 50 years?

There’s no one ‘secret’ to our longevity, but a key factor has been our commitment to our clients. We’ve always prioritized their needs and worked to provide the best possible service. Moreover, staying at the forefront of industry changes and continually refining our offerings has been crucial. It’s about adaptability, consistent quality, and building strong relationships.