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Matt Lankford, AIF® - Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer

Matt Lankford, AIF®

Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in Rainbow City, Alabama and moved to Fort Worth, TX in 2005.

How did you end up at Rogers Wealth Group?

Starting my career in the commission/fee-based side of the financial services industry, I witnessed client experiences that epitomized “buyer beware.” Up to this point in my career, I was more familiar with advisors recommending investment products that generated the highest revenue to the firm, with generally half-hearted documentation as to why that choice was “suitable” for the end client. Once it was clear that I wanted to work under the fee-only structure, I began to seek out conversations with friends and professionals in the area (Birmingham, AL). Through the narrowest of personal connections, a few of which only existed for what seems like a brief moment of time, I ended up 700 miles away from home working for Dale Rogers in Fort Worth, Texas.

What do you want people to know about Rogers Wealth Group?

There are basically two types of companies you can go into business with: those that make things easier on you, and those who make things more difficult. Rogers Wealth Group has a 50 year track record of making investing and retirement planning easier on people. Whether it involves restructuring a retirement plan that wasn’t quite done right from the start, designing one from scratch, or helping individuals or families invest their savings without having to question whether or not they ended up with the “best” solution. As your fiduciary, Rogers Wealth Group is required to work in your best interest, and our goal is to make whatever you are hoping to accomplish as easy on you as possible.


B.S. – University of Alabama.
M.A. – University of Alabama.